• XGlass Reflection


    June 24, 2013 by XGlass Reflection

    1) Kiritsugu Emiya

    2) Johan Leibert 

    3) Spike Spiegal

    4) Balalaika 

    5) Claire Stanfield

    6) Alucard

    7) GTO

    8) Count of Monte Christo

    9) Guts

    10) Zoro

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  • Yuzura

    Customizing Your Wiki

    January 30, 2013 by Yuzura

    Hello! I am Yuzura, administrator and bureaucrat on Rhythm Heaven Wiki. I made this blog for people who are new to founding their own wikis on Wikia, or are an admin on a wiki and want to help it out. Wanting to fully customize your wiki with enhancements and themes? If so, this is a fully-written blog to help you!

    A great place to start in customizing your wiki's theme is to go to the Special:ThemeDesigner page on your wiki. Here, you can pick a default wiki theme (which are personally not recommended), add a background color and background image to the wiki, customize the color of buttons, links, and the Wikia's global navigation header, and add a wordmark and favicon.

    In the second tab (second to the top) in the Theme Designer page, you can…

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