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Rhythm Heaven Wiki - Adventure Time Wiki
Xiaolinpedia - Message Wall - Edit Count

Hello! I am Yuzura (alternatively adressed as Yuzu, Zura, Yami, etc.) formerly referred to as Yamichidori1. I cross-wiki edit and help to keep wikis free of vandalism and spam, however, I am not a member of VSTF. I am good at coding, particularly CSS, HTML, and Javascript, so feel free to ask for help with coding. Feel free to contact me via message wall or email. Happy editing!

Home Wiki

Typically, users only have one home wiki — a wiki designated and higher in priority of a user. I focus more strongly around three wikis: Rhythm Heaven Wiki, Xiaolinpedia, and Adventure Time Wiki. You will often see me editing those wikis, usually on a day-to-day basis. I also edit many, many other wikis regularly, but not as frequently, which you can find here. Feel free to contact me on one of those wikis.

Wikia Stars

As a few users may have noticed, I have a special user tag by my name in the profile masthead, excluding user rights. I am a member of the newly launches project, Wikia Stars (find more information here). I am considered a very experienced editor and operator on Wikia. I am able to help users if they request any sort of support on their wikis, especially with CSS. Feel free to contact me if you want any help!

Language Brigade

I am a current member of the Wikia Language Brigade. I am bilingual, speaking native English and fluent Japanese. You will often see me there completing translation requests. I am also often seen on Wikia editing multiple Japanese wikis. Don't hesitate to leave a translation request and one of the translators will try to finish your request as soon as possible!

Meta Wikia

Meta Wikia is a comprised affiliation of all Wikia-related wikis. They all carry from topic-to-topic. A few of the wikis fulfill requests for individual users, and some of them contain content that literally helps users with articles. I can be seen particularly filling out requests on Signatures Wiki, Monobook Wiki, and Theme Creation Wiki.