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100px-5448890.png Brandon Pow
User:Brandon Pow

What's up? It's me, Brandon Pow. Just a common translator, born and living in Malaysia. I'm the greenhorn in this group, so don't come asking for CSS help from me. I do like art, though, so if you're a writer or musician, I'll be more than happy to sample your stuff~

Ya, apa khabar semua? Nama saya Brandon Pow, dan saya sedia membantu jika anda perlukan penterjemahan dari Bahasa Inggeris kepada Bahasa Melayu.

100px-1746375.png Ennocb

Hi! I'm Ennocb. Though I am not the most diligent Wikia contributor, I do show interest in languages. That's why I joined here. I was born in Germany and have been living there my entire life. I'll gladly help translate from or to German. I also know a little Japanese, not enough to fabricate useful translations, though.

Tag! Ich bin Ennocb. Ich trage zwar nicht gerade eifrig zu Wikia bei, aber zeige Interesse an Sprachen. Deshalb habe ich mich hier angeschlossen. Ich wurde in Deutschland geboren und habe mein ganzes Leben lang hier gelebt. Ich helfe gerne dabei, von und nach Deutsch zu übersetzen. Zudem kann ich auch ein wenig Japanisch, jedoch mit Abstand nicht genug um nützliche Übersetzungen zu fabrizieren.

こんにちは! 俺はEnnocb. 普段はウィキアに余り参加しませんが、言語や語学には興味があります。 その理由で俺がこの企画に参加してきました。ドイツに生まれてきて、一生ここに住んでいます。出来るほど、役に立てたい。必要があれば、是非、独訳や英訳してあげます。 日本語の能力が足りませんので有用な日本語訳は出来ません。

100px-5269064.png.jpg Langueborg

Hi everyone! I'm Langueborg, a non-professional translator from English to Russian. I used to work as main translator in team "The Rush Team" to translate "The Last Remnant" game. Moreover, I have translated some user mods for "TES: Oblivion". I am also an administrator on TES and Code Lyoko wikis.

Всем привет! Я Langueborg, не профессиональный переводчик с Английского на Русский. Я был ведущим переводчиком в команде "The Rush Team", работавших над переводом игры "The Last Remnant". Более того, я переводил некоторые пользовательские моды для игры "TES: Oblivion". Также я являюсь администратором на TES и Code Lyoko вики.

100px-1991783.png Piece enrik
User:Piece enrik

Hi! I'm Piece enrik, a Catalan wiki user since 2010, and therefore my native language is Catalan. I'm a Catalan independentist who wants Catalonia to get independence, but I will also help you to translate into Spanish.

Hola, sóc en Piece enrik, un usuari de Wikia català des del 2010. Em pots trobar a molts wikis catalans. No sé gaire de codis, però t'ajudaré a traduir en el que pugui.

Hola, soy Piece enrik, un usuario de Wikia catalán des del 2010. Aunque soy independentista, te ayudaré a traducir en español igualmente.

100px-5251339.png Yuzura

Hello! I'm Yuzura, editor of many wikis and certified elefint. I am a chat moderator here on WLB. I can also been seen editing on my home wiki, Rhythm Heaven Wiki, where I reside as a bureaucrat. I also translate on one of the wikis I adopted, the Japanese Dragon Ball Wiki. Don't hesitate to ask for any coding help, as I am fairly good with HTML and CSS. Feel free to contact me on my wall or via email. Happy editing!


Hola! Soy Yuzura. Edito muchos wikis, y yo puedo ser visto principalmente en Rhythm Heaven Wiki. Siéntase libre de mensaje mí. Edición feliz!