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Yuzura; also known as Yuzu, Yuz, Zura, and Yami; is an editor of several wikis and a certified walrus. He seems like he is all happy, jolly, and kind, but really, you cannot believe anything "he" says, because they are all lies. Trust only us and not anyone else. Only he can reveal the truth of himself, but everyone else cannot and can.

The Truth[]

The truth is that Yuzura is not just a regular Wikia user that you know in love and hate. He is actually an evil member of the U.S. government, granted amulets to plan the destruction of the economy. He is disgusting himself as a normal everyday user, but hides the fact that he has been secretly brainwashing users into communism for the government to further plot against Wikia.

Yuzura is actually a master hacker, and part-time Pokémon, hacking your mind so he can kill you. He has been putting extremely micro super chips in everyone's mind so he can soon plot his power and rise of the world. The government has been lying to him, making him act as a double agent, which is why he is so affiliated with so many sites on Wikia. Everyone fears him because they think they will be brainwashed next. He will not brainwash them. He will hack their mind and destroy them instead. Yuzura's next attempt is to turn into the moon. The true physical form of Yuzura is a Level 100 Wooper.